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I consider myself caring and empathetic. I use my conscious touch and intuition to offer a holistic approach. “Holistic” comes from the Greek word “holos” meaning “whole”, which means that I consider the whole person - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, rather than individual symptoms of the body.

Each person is different and needs to be treated according to their individual needs. I combine soft and deep pressure, focusing on trigger points and joint mobilization, integrating all with the breath to effectively soften and release tensions.

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How Osho Influenced My Life

In 2012 I undertook Osho Rebalancing - a 60-day massage training course spread over two years which comprised; Rolfing massage, counselling, bioenergetics and active meditations. By gaining awareness into my physical and psychological patterns I was able to breakthrough and gain incredible emotional freedom.

Since then, I have spent two years living in Osho Communities in England and Italy where I have undertaken transformative courses rooted in bodywork, emotional release and breath-work in order to express feelings, connect with my needs and share without shame who I truly am. My name Amina is my Osho Sannyasin name. It represents my commitment with myself for life, to live consciously, meditatively and in celebration.


Hello, my name is Amina.

When I was 22 years old I suffered a herniated disc and had to stop working for 8 months. Doctors said I would need surgery but then I got a lucky break I met a masseur who helped me to heal my back and avoid invasive surgery. He gave me back my life and inspired me to become a masseuse.

In 2011 my Mother passed away. At the time I felt broken and felt lonely. But that end was the beginning of my new life. I started to see a Counsellor who helped me to get over the loss of my Mother and I became interested in psychology. I took a 6-month counselling course oriented in energetic massage and learned the principle of healthy relationships as well as the techniques of Barbara Ann Brennan.

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My Story


My journey started with lot of physical and emotional pain. I learned to love myself, be more present, responsible, compassionate, grateful, celebrate life, respect myself and others. My transformation in perspective brings me a wonderful quality of life and so much joy.

After 13 years of self-development through different kind of therapies, body work and meditation, in now offer Massage and Reiki from a space of respect, meditation and love.


Massage and Reiki saved my life many times and it’s still helping me in daily life. My profession is not just a job but a lifestyle. I look forward in assisting you on your path to wellness and awareness.

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my experience & qualifications

I have 7 years experience as a qualified masseuse, 4 year as a Reiki practitioner, and I have worked for 6 years with the three largest mobile, AT HOME massage companies in London.

Structural Rebalancing  Italy  2012/2014

Joint Release  Italy  2015

Level 3 Diploma in massage ITEC  London  2018

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques   London  2020

Usui Reiki Ryoho Level I, Reiki Level II, Reiki Master and Reiki Karuna  London  2020/2021

Reiki Lightarian all 6 Levels  2021

Mediumship Level 1 2024

Fully insured and DBS checked






231 Ratings on 440 bookings between 2018/2023


Excellent. Very skilled and very knowledgable!

12th October 2020

Secret  Spa



194 Ratings on 400 bookings between 2019/2023

I had a wonderful massage from Andreea. She was very professional and I felt like I was in a luxury spa rather than my own living room!

20th May 2021

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14 Ratings on 40 bookings between 2019/2021

Real pleasure to meet Andreea yesterday. She was just what I needed, excellent masseuse, knowledgable and understanding. I was quite stressed out and she was quiet, attentive and most of all she knew exactly when to be gentle and when to apply the right pressure. Will definately book her again! Highly recommend! Thank you Andreea!


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