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Structural Rebalancing 

What is Structural Rebalancing?

Structural Rebalancing is a style of bodywork which is combined with deep tissue massage, joint tension release, meditation and breathing to help the person to let go hold patterns that contribute to pain and illness.

The main approach of this technique is based on “ conscious touch “ and the ability to create a ” meditative “, “safe space” to help people to be more aware of their own body, relax and free blockages, allowing emotions to be expressed and released. This process enables them to discover themselves and their hidden potentials, which encourages them to live life more spontaneously and meaningfully.

Structural Rebalancing views the human body as a whole, taking care of the physical component, recognizing that the emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects are important to feel total and gain a sense of resource in the body.


This treatment realigns and rebalances the skeletal and muscular system, reducing compensations and alleviating pain, increasing  body-awareness and bringing people back into their harmony and integrity .

It can be used as preventative treatment from injuries and it also works well in combination with other therapies, such as Physiotherapy.

This approach is an in-depth growth journey into the body, mind and spirit, and is recommended for people who work on themselves and are interested in self development.

Structural Rebalancing can be offered as a stand-alone treatment of 90 to 120 minutes, as well as part of a journey of 10 sessions, focusing on a region of the body with specific goals. The series of sessions has a powerful synergetic effect that allows the whole body to be balanced and included, addressing the individual  person’s needs.

Structural Rebalancing in London
Structural Rebalancing in London

What are the benefits Of STRUCTURAL REBALANCING?

The body is the home of emotions , belief systems and spiritual expression and has it’s own wisdom. This technique, enhances self awareness and connection with the inner energy flow which is our real being, reaching a sense of deep calm and integrity that creates a greater capacity to deal with adverse events and have a joyful and fulfilling life.

It helps to improve posture, increases the range of movement in joints and eases tensions in muscles and fascia. It is useful for people who suffer from acute conditions of the musculoskeletal system, improving the nervous system functioning and preventing from injury.

Structural rebalancing also has been found very useful for helping with conditions such as whiplash, muscle tension due to scoliosis, recovery from injury caused by trauma or physical activity, or as part of an ongoing preventive treatment plan to alleviate stress and rebalance postural habits.

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