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My intention is to create a safe and non-judgemental space, where you can trust and express yourself, and receive all the care and support you need, in order to relax, release stress and achieve a state of wellbeing

I consider myself caring and empathetic. I use my conscious touch and intuition to offer a holistic approach. “Holistic” comes from the Greek word “holos” meaning “whole”, which means that I consider the whole person - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, rather than individual symptoms of the body.

Each person is different and needs to be treated according to their individual needs. I combine soft and deep pressure, focusing on trigger points and joint mobilization, integrating all with the breath to effectively soften and release tensions.

Today, my goal is to encourage and support you in your healing process, to educate you to become more aware of your body and reach your natural state of well-being. In order to promote positive changes after the treatment, I offer information about self-care. This includes nutrition, stretching, meditation and breathing-techniques. This will help you to be more responsible for your health and independent, which leads you towards a rewarding quality of life.

I believe that the body is the temple of our soul and is capable to heal itself. We are healthy and happy when our physical body, mind, and soul are all in alignment.

“Start with the body, it is your home. Love it, accept it, and in that very love, in that very acceptance, you are growing towards harmony. This harmony will lead you to being.” OSHO

I also believe that the body somatises emotions which convert to body pain. The body is the “home” of emotions, belief systems and spiritual expression. The body holds historical information and with right guidance you can bring consciousness to patterned behaviours and let them go to restore your own natural balance for a fulfilling life.

“Don’t look for god in the sky, look within your own body”


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